Top 10 Best Tokina Lenses For Canon Cameras In 2017

Getting additional lenses can be extremely expensive. Professional photographers might be able to afford buying 4 or 5 of them but for the average consumer the prices on Canon lens are too high. Fortunately there is an aftermarket and there are manufacturers that make lenses for Canon. Tonika is one of them and their products have been highly appreciated by amateurs and enthusiasts. Here are their top 10 best Tokina lenses for Canon cameras in 2017.

10. Tokina AF 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X

The Tokina AF 10-17 is more of a professional grade lens sold below market value when compared with other similar products made by Canon. It has a optical construction of 10 elements and 8 groups and comes with a multi-layer coating on the front element. It is an almost waterproof lens that offers a fish-eye effect without requiring much expertise. It is easy to operate and quite well built.


9. Tokina AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX

Looking at models that are targeting professionals we have the Tokina AT-X 16.28mm lens. The model was built to offer extra wide viewing angles similar to the HD format. Operating on a silent motor that is paired with a GMR sensor the lens is able to autofocus. It has a super-low dispersion and a convenient switch that allows the user to swap from AF to MF with a single snap. It is one of the more expensive models but it is considered a top of the line lens from Tokina.


8. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II

The Tokina 11-16 is a mid-range lens with plenty of features that would satisfy even a professional photographer. It is one of the few models that come with a switch for MF and AF which makes it very easy to use. The model includes caps for the rear and front and comes with a three year warranty. In terms of compatibility the model can be used only with Canon EOS cameras.


7. Tokina Super Wide Angle 16-50mm f/2.8 AT-X

Photographers that need to take extra wide shots need to have around a Tokina 16-55mm lens. It is one of their most expensive products but it excels in terms of quality and ease of use. It comes with the standard AF and MF switch and a minimum focus distance of 11.8 inches.As expected the lens is compatible with Canon EOS cameras and it includes a three year warranty.


6. We have removed our review of product #6. We are currently reviewing other Tokina Lenses For Canon Cameras and we will post a new review soon.


5. Tokina 16.5-135mm f/3.5-5.6 AF DX II

The very first thing that can be said about the 16.5-135mm lens from Tokina is that they are designed for amateurs and advanced photographers. It has a great build quality, it is easy to use and offers great versatility. The model can be seen as an upgrade over the lenses that are included with any DSLR Canon camera. It has a reliable autofocus and a silent motor that makes it more convenient to shoot photos in complete solitude.


4. Tokina 17-35mm f/4 AT-X Pro FX Lens for Canon

The Tokina 17-35mm lens has several great things going for it. First of all it is an affordable lens that offers excellent quality regardless of the photo type. It has a constant aperture, excellent range, smooth operation and a silent motor. The model is a great replacement for the standard Canon lens.


3. Tokina AF 100mm f/2.8 AT-X

The ones that need a macro lens need to try the Toina AF 100mm lens. It is smaller than expected, it is built well and offers great quality. Like most other Tokina lenses it comes with an AF and MF switch and it includes caps fo the front and rear. It is worth mentioning that the model comes with a 3-year warranty.


2. Tokina 35mm f/2.8 AT-X PRO

Tokina has quite a few models that were made for beginners. The Tokina 35mm lens is an excellent upgrade for someone that is just starting out. Its compact form factor and excellent build quality makes up for a reliable product. Needless to say the model was designed for macro photography and close-ups. It comes with auto-focus and auto-exposure which makes it extremely easy to use.


1. Tokina 80-400/4.5-5.6 AT-X 840 D

The Tokina 80-400 lens is one of the smallest zoom lens that comes with a bright f/5.6 aperture at 400mm. Despite being the smallest lens that zooms at 400mm the model comes with a lot of features. It uses a silent motor to control the auto-focus and due to its design the glass does not need to rotate. Judging by its features and the quality of the photos the model is a premium lens that comes with a fair price and everyone who is serious about photography should consider getting one.


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