Top 10 Best Toilet Safety Frames And Rails 2017

Toilet safety rails are essential to anyone that is having a medical condition which prevents them from having a normal life. They have been developed to aid the elderly and pretty much anyone with problems that affect their ability to stand up or walk normally. For most part they tend to be the same but there are some variations in terms of design. Fortunately there are many models and their price ranges makes them affordable to anyone. We have reviewed toilet safety frames to find those that are both well-built and easy to install. Here are the top 10 best toilet safety frames and rails in 2017.


best-sellerMedline Toilet Safety Frame

The Medline toilet safety frame is one of their more basic models but despite its low price it is extremely well built and quite reliable. It has a solid aluminum frame with padded armrests and rubber feet that prevents it from slipping. The model is fairly easy to install and does not require the toilet to be modified. It also does not cause any kind of discomfort. If required the frame can have its height adjusted.

Price Range: Low



best-sellerMedline Toilet Safety Rails

The Medline toilet safety rails are simple and easy to install. It is made of durable aluminum with safety foam armrests that provide both comfort and a superior grip. This means that the model is lightweight and quite safe. It supports a maximum user weight of 250 pounds and comes with an adjustable height. The model was designed with two simple legs and a mount that rests on the back of the bowl which also secures it in place.

Price Range: Low



Carex Health Brands Bathroom Safety Rail

Carex Health Brands bathroom safety rail is an extremely convenient model due to the fact that it does not require any special kind of installation and does not need the toilet to be modified. It has four legs with rubber feet that prevent it from slipping and an simple system for height adjustment. It has padded armrests and comes with a simple tool free assembly. The model is made mostly out of aluminum that significantly reduces its weight.

Price Range: Medium



Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Surround Support Aid Safety Frame

Buckingham Foldeasy toilet safety frame is one of the more advanced models designed to provide maximum support for those with disabilities. Its design does not require for the toilet to be modified and does not need to be bolted down. It is easy to place it over the toilet and it is just as easy to remove it. The model is also one of the few that can be folded which makes it extremely easy to pack it for the ones that need to travel.

Price Range: High



EasyComforts Toilet Safety Rails

The EasyComforts Toilet Safety Rail is a great option for those who need a compact yet sturdy model that requires very little floor space. It is made of durable aluminum with padded armrests and a simple installation system that requires it to be bolted to the toilet just like the toilet seat. The model does not have additional floor legs which causes it to weigh much less than most other toilet safety rails.

Price Range: Medium



Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frame

The Drive Medical toilet safety frame is yet another standard model with a lightweight yet durable construction. The model is made of powder-coated aluminum with padded armrests and an adjustable height. It has two floor feet and secure bracket that is used to keep the rail secure to the toilet. The model is relatively easy to install and does not cause any kind of discomfort.

Price Range: Low



Ideaworks JB4349 Deluxe Toilet Safety Support

Ideaworks JB4349 is one of the more versatile models that does not need to be bolted down to the toilet bowl. The model comes with two padded armrests and large feet that prevent it from slipping. It also comes with a built-in magazine rack. Its sturdy build using durable aluminum can sustain a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. Surprisingly the model is quite inexpensive and well designed.

Price Range: Low



Moen DN7015 Home Care Toilet Safety Rails

Moen DN7015 home toilet safety rail is one o the more affordable models that is easy to install and comes with a lightweight construction. The frame is made of aluminum while the armrests are covered with a soft material that provides support and better grip. It needs to be mounted directly on the bowl which makes it much smaller than other models. In terms of durability the safety rail comes with a rust-resistant finish and a white paint coating that protects it from wear and tear.

Price Range: Low



Graham Field Adjustable Height Versaframe Toilet Safety Rails

Graham Field offers an affordable solution for the ones that need a toilet safety rail. Their Versaframe toilet rail is a simple and solid model with a lightweight aluminum frame and a convenient adjustable height. The model comes with padded armrests that provide both comfort and a secure grip. It needs to be fixated with two bolts to the toilet bowl and comes with rubber covers on its feet to prevent it from slipping.

Price Range: Low



Sammons Preston Homecraft Adjustable Toilet Surround

The Sammons Preston surround safety rail is a professional grade medical product that provides excellent support and superior comfort. It uses a durable steel frame and a simple design that makes it easy to install and remove. The model has padded armrests and can have its height adjusted. It is a bit more expensive than other models but it is considered one of the best toilet safety rails available.

Price Range: High

Toilet safety rails and frames tend to vary a bit but the selection of models is not that impressive. It is quite common to see similar models offered by two or more different companies. What is trickier is getting the best price for it and this is why our top 10 can help a bit. We have managed to round up the top 10 best toilet safety rails 2017 that offer great value for money and have a premium build quality.


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