Top 10 Best Power Bank for iPhone and Android Phones in 2016

With a portable power bank, not only can you charge your phone anywhere, you get a faster charge with most devices as well. With universal adapters, these are top 10 best power bank for iPhone and Android phones in 2016 for you to consider when purchasing this charger, for your iPhone, Android, and other phone models you may own.

9. Anker 2nd Gen

The mini power banks works with Android, Apple, HTC, and other devices. The exclusive power IQ technology detects your device, to deliver up to 3 amps for the fastest charge times. The ultra high capacity has 4 LED lights so you know your device is hooked up, and will charge devices in 1/2 the time other chargers take.


8. 2600 mah

The lipstick sized power bank uses USB connection, and features an easy to read LED of how much your device is charged, so you know how much more time until a full charge. It is compatible with most devices, including Android and iPhone, and it fits comfortably in your pocket, purse, or any small space.


7. UNU Super pack

The 10000 mah powered charger uses USB connection allowing you to charge multiple devices at once. The super pack can be recharged more than 500 times, giving you longer life, and allowing you to charge your devices on the go for years. It uses smart charge technology to detect the device you connect, ensuring the fastest charge times as well.


6. We have removed our review of product #6. We are currently reviewing other Power Bank for iPhone and Android Phones and we will post a new review soon.


5. Linkon Power stick

The digital LED shows you how much power you have, and the USB is compatible with nearly any device you own which has to be charged on the go. It has a single USB connection so you can only charge one device at a time, but if you are limited in space, this thin design is easy to carry around anywhere.


4. iPower buddy

The portable charger features 10000 mah power, and LCD shows the capacity you have after connecting your devices to be charged. The dual USB port allows you to charge two devices at once, and with integrated smart technology, no matter what device you plug in, the power port will automatically adjust to power it up and charge it in less time.


3. External charger

Dual USB action allows you to charge your Android or iPhone device at the same time. 10400 mah will power your devices in less time, and at only 6.5 oz, it is one of the lighter power banks you can find on the market. With 100% guarantee on your device, you can also return it if you aren’t happy with the performance for any reason.


2. Lenmar Helix

11000 mah, 3 USB port charger allows you to charge all your devices at once, regardless of where you are. It will fully charge any device up to four times faster than traditional chargers. With smart charge technology it detects your device to shorten charge times. And, an LED read out gives you information about how much power you have, and how long you have until the power bank has to be charged.


1. Rav Power

15000 mah capacity is more powerful and charges devices in a fraction of the time. iSmart technology enables charge times up to 4 amps, meaning less time, and faster charge for any device. A dual USB lets you charge two devices at once, the LED indicator light lets you know your device is plugged in. Short circuit protection also ensures your device won’t burn out, if you charge multiple items daily.


When you need a quick charge on the go, a portable power bank if the ideal solution. No wires, simple to connect, and all of these uses USB connectivity, meaning you can connect Samsung, Android, iPhone, or other major brand appliances, when you need to charge your portable devices on the go.

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