Top 10 Best Body Lotions For Women 2017

Having a soft, silky smooth and properly nourished skin is certainly an aspect of utmost importance for every woman who wants to look good and to feel good in her own skin, at the same time. However, choosing the right body lotion is a challenging task, and here you will find the top 10 best body lotions for women in 2017:

9. Aveeno Skin Strengthening Body Lotion

This is an ageless body cream that not only reverses the signs of aging, but also strengthens your skin and makes it look and veel better. Featuring an advanced combination of natural and active ingredients, such as the shiitake complex which is known to be one of the most efficient natural antioxidants, this strengthening body lotion calms down irritated skin and it makes it look fresh and young in only four weeks.



8. Suave Gold Professionals Body Lotion, Sea Mineral Infusion, 18 Ounce (2 Pack)

This body lotion by Suave Gold professionals is a luxurious lotion that features a great mineral extract designed to soothe and to moisturize your skin for 24 hours. The result: a properly hydrated and luminous skin and a pleasant fragrance that will last for hours.



7. Fragrances of Ireland Lotion

Made in Ireland, this is a one of a kind type of body lotion that hydrates and nourishes your body, and that also leaves it soft and pleasant to the touch, thanks to its shea butter base. Featuring seaweed extracts, this body lotion is great to use after bath or shower, as it helps locking in the moisture and it also makes your skin beautiful and nicely scented. The product has never been tested on animals and it is entirely made in Ireland!


6. Alba Botanica Body Lotion

This body lotion comes in a 32-ounce bottle that is not scented and that is intensely hydrating and nourishing – the lotion is perfect not just for dry and normal skin, but also for highly sensitive skin, it is hypoallergenic and it is also enriched with high quality botanical emollients. The cream contains only vegetarian ingredients and it has never been tested on animals, neither does it contain any parabens or phthalates.


5. The 6Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Lotion

This is a highly moisturizing body lotion that prevents dryness and that improves both the feel and the aspect of your skin. Besides this, it also reverses the signs of aging and it also improves the resilience of your skin, making it more resistant to everyday conditions. Perfect for dry, dull or hypersensitive skin, the Olay Quench lotion is used by millions of women all around the world!


4. Olay Moisturinse In-Shower Body Lotion

Enriched with shea butter, this is a highly moisturizing body lotion that can safely be used in the shower in order to lock in the moisture and to keep your skin hydrated. The result: after using the cream, you will get a soft and super smooth skin that can last for up to five days before you need to re-apply the cream! The cream can be used either on a daily or on a weekly basis, and it is perfect for soothing very dry and flaky skin.


3. The Victoria Secret Body Lotion

Slightly scented and intensely hydrating, this body lotion by Victoria’s Secret contains peach and cherry blossom extract, and it is also enriched with Vitamin E, aloe vera and grapeseed extracts, for the best results.


2. NIVEA In-Shower Lotion

Nivea is one of the most trustworthy makers of body lotions for women, and this particular lotion offers up to 24 hours of intense moisture, thanks to its almond oil extract that helps you achieve a super soft and smooth skin!


1. Olay Ultra Moisture

The number one on the list is this 13.5 ounce bottle of body lotion by Olay, which is extremely nourishing and penetrates deeply into the skin, cleansing and moisturizing it. Perfect for extra dry skin, as well as for rough elbows and knees!


To conclude, these are the 10 Best Body Lotions for Women 2017 reviews. Some cheap. Some not. All efficient and intensely hydrating.

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